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Important Things To Do Before Moving To Your New Home

Lillie Moreno

Are you thinking about moving to a new house? Are you wondering if there's anything you can do to make the process easier and run more smoothly? If you're like many people, you get excited at the prospect of being in a new place, but you also dread the moving process itself. Fortunately, there are ways that you can make your move less difficult and easier to manage. Before the moving day arrives, here are some things to consider:

Make arrangements for children & pets: Small children and pets can get underfoot while your belongings are being ferried into the moving van outside. It's also extremely easy for your pet to get lost in the process, whether by slipping outside or by hiding in the boxes. It's rare, but not unheard of, for cats or small dogs to hide in an unsealed box that then gets taped up and put in the back of the moving van. Whether you've hired moving services or you're doing the move yourself, take your children and any pets to a sitter for moving day. You may even want to drop your pets off at a boarding kennel up to a week prior to your actual moving day, simply so you can concentrate on finishing packing.

Put important things in clear totes: Everyone has important items that would be extremely difficult to replace or that you'll need immediately following the move. This may include things like birth certificates, prescription medicine, or a couple of favorite cooking implements. In order to make sure that these important items don't get lost in the moving shuffle, pack them into clear plastic totes instead of putting them in boxes. Having them in totes will enable you to locate and keep track of them more easily, while having them be see-through will further help you to locate exactly which tote should be opened at any given time. If you've hired moving services, it's easier to tell them to leave the totes behind for you to take in your own vehicle than it is to try to sort out which boxes should go into the moving van and which should stay with you.

Have a storage unit available: There are few things worse than packing up everything, turning over the keys to your old home, and then arriving at your new home to find out that you can't move in just yet. Perhaps a pipe burst unexpectedly, perhaps the old occupants haven't left yet, or perhaps it's something else entirely. But now you've got a moving van full of your belongings and nowhere to go. Before your move, reserve an appropriately-sized storage unit near your new home. Think of it as insurance. If you turn out not to actually need the unit, you should only be out the first month's rent. On the other hand, if unfortunate circumstances require you to tell the moving services to unload at your storage unit and not your new home, the storage unit should be cheaper than any additional fees you might be charged for not having anywhere to empty the truck.

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