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Three Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Piano Mover To Move Your Piano

Lillie Moreno

A piano is heavy and bulky. As such, when you are moving, you may be looking for help from a professional mover to move this musical instrument. However, while a mover can help you move most item, when it comes to pianos, you may want to look for a professional piano mover, rather than a standard moving professional. Here are three reasons why you should hire a professional mover who specializes in pianos when yours needs to be moved.

They Have the Right Equipment

The right equipment needs to be used when moving pianos to ensure the piano and your floors are not damaged. Pianos can weigh thousands of pounds. When the wrong equipment is used, ruts and gouges can emerge in flooring or the piano can be scratched up. A mover who doesn't have experience moving pianos may not have the right equipment or even realize they can't use regular dollies and moving tools. 

They Know How to Take Them Apart

A professional piano mover knows how to disassemble and reassemble your piano. This can help it fit through or around tight spaces. A mover who doesn't have this experience may try to fit your intact piano around tight corners or doorways and cause damage to your piano. Or they may cause damage when they take apart and try to reassemble the piano. A specialist knows how to do this task, ensuring your piano is not damaged. 

They Have Experience Lifting and Moving Them

The last reason you should hire a professional piano mover for your move is because a professional has experience lifting and moving the piano. A piano is not equally weighted. This means that a piano carries its weight in different areas. Someone who doesn't know this may fail to account for the various weighted parts in a piano as they shift or move the piano or when they secure it in a truck to be transported. Someone who has experience moving pianos knows this. 

Hiring an experienced piano mover can be expensive. However, most pianos are expensive and/or heirloom pieces that you cannot place a value on. As such, you want to do everything you can to ensure the piano arrives at your new home in the same condition it left your old home in. A regular mover may lack the experience and knowledge to make it happen. As such, it is highly recommended you hire a professional piano moving company. Visit websites like to learn more.


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