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The Personal Items Homeowners Should Move On Their Own

Lillie Moreno

Full service moving companies make life much easier for their clients. Being able to have someone else pack and load everything frees up people to concentrate on the endless other tasks that moving entails. Their services help, but most reputable companies have lists of items they will not pack or carry in their vehicles. This typically includes anything living or combustible. The client should also reconsider allowing the movers to handle some of their private possessions. Here are four things people should always pack and move for themselves. 

All Official Documents

Birth certificates, passports, and marriage licenses should be in a locked box and kept with the homeowner. Losing these papers, along with tax forms and financial documents, could jeopardize the identity and finances of the family members. Keeping them close will prevent any accidental loss or potential theft. 

Any Irreplaceable Items

These items do not need to have any monetary value to be important enough to keep them in sight. It could be family photo albums, a lock of hair from a child's first haircut, or a preserved animal caught on a dream African safari hunt. If it is entirely unique and impossible to replace, it should always be moved by the owner. 

Items Kept Private

Anything people do not want someone else to see should also be packed and moved by the owner. This includes personal photos, private journals, and adult-rated materials. Most movers are professional and maintain a certain level of confidentiality, but people are generally more comfortable keeping their personal interests to themselves. 

Medications and Medical Devices

Any medical device that could possibly be of use during the move and all prescription medications should stay out of the moving truck. This includes surplus medication that is not needed until long after the move. Not all moving trucks have climate controlled cargo units, so medication may spoil, spill, or be lost. Medical equipment with electronic controls could also suffer damage if the truck is not equipped to carry it safely. it is better to move it personally rather than risk losing these important items. 

Any moving company is at risk from theft or an accident. The insurance that covers personal property can replace a set of dishes or some furniture. Unfortunately, it is not enough to replace unique items or to protect a stolen identity. The client should feel more at ease, and will be better protected, by keeping some property with them during the move. 

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