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Winter Moving Guide

Lillie Moreno

Although most people try to time their moves for spring and summer, sometimes it's just not possible. When this the case, you need to take extra steps to make sure that everything can be moved as safely and with as little mess as possible. You don't want winter wet and snow to ruin your belongings or to trash your new place. Ask your local movers the following questions to make sure they are prepared to move your items safely.

Are the moving trucks ready for winter weather?

If road conditions will be a concern on moving day, make sure the moving company has procedures in place to deal with the ice. Are the trucks equipped with snow tires or chains, as necessary? Do the drivers have experience driving in winter conditions? Making sure the company has prepared for snow can put your mind at ease that your belongings will be safe.

What procedures are used to keep items dry?

A prepared mover will have a moving procedure in place for inclement weather. For example, they may use a staging area to stack items as they are taken off the truck. When the ground is wet, a ground tarp is usually laid over the staging area. In the event of snow or rain, they may even have a canopy that they erect over the area. Some movers even implement a second staging area indoors on top of a tarp, where items can be towel dried if moisture does get on them before they are moved to their final location.

How is the home protected?

A major concern is the amount of snow and water that can be tracked inside during a move. The mover should have a plan in place to address this. Generally, this consists of using temporary floor coverings, which are taped down so they don't present a slipping hazard. They may also have a dry mop near the door for sponging off dolly wheels as they come inside. The key is to make sure the mover has some sort of plan to protect your home.

Do you need to do any preparations?

Not all preparations are the mover's responsibility. For example, you should make sure that the area leading up to your home is plowed and deiced before the movers arrive. It's especially important to make sure steps are clear, as any ice could result in a major injury. You may also want to set up a warm room in the home. This is a room where the door is kept closed so no heat escapes. Equip it with a coffee maker so everyone can take needed breaks to warm up.

For more help, contact a local mover with any questions.


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