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Keeping Your Items Safe In Self Storage

Lillie Moreno

A self storage unit can often be a great place to store your extra belongings without having to worry about them. However, to make sure this is the case, you'll want to check on the security of your storage unit and even add your own. Here are some ideas on how to make your items safe in your storage unit.

Choose Indoor Storage

The first thing to consider is that indoor storage is often less of a target for theft than outdoor storage. If your storage facility is primarily outdoors, there's the chance that someone can sneak onto the premises and snoop around. Of course, there are ways to make outdoor storage safer as well. For one, a gate with an entry code helps to deter trespassers. Having security guards that patrol the area is another great security step.

Ask About Security Alarms and Surveillance

Technology has greatly improved the security of storage units. For one, look for storage units that have an alarm system that tells the security team when there is an intruder or a fire. Security cameras also help alert staff when there is an issue with a break-in. Just make sure that your unit is near each of these safety systems so that your stuff is protected. Visit the unit in person to make sure that fire and smoke alarms are intact and that there is a security camera facing your storage unit's entryway.

Bring Your Own Locks

Some facilities allow you to bring your own locks on top of what's provided by the storage facility. A simple padlock can provide an extra layer of security to your unit, for example. Even better than that, a cylinder lock is often stronger than padlocks and harder to break with brute force.

Keep Items Safe Within the Unit

Safety also depends on how items are stored within the unit itself. There are a few protocols to follow so that you don't have to worry about your stuff while you're away. For one, keep liquids to a minimum. They could spill out and affect other boxes and items within your unit. Flammables are a definite no-no when it comes to storage. You might want to keep everything on rollers in case there does happen to be a spill of some sort. And always follow the number one rule of packing; heavy items go on the bottom, since they might damage other boxes if they're stored up top. When you consult movers in your area to help you move to storage, make sure that they will follow best practices for moving and stacking your boxes for long-term storage. 


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