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Moving For Fun

Six Simple Packing Tips To Prevent Breakages And Damage

Lillie Moreno

Arriving to your new home only to find that many of your items are broken or damaged can be incredibly frustrating—not to mention expensive! You'll save yourself a lot of time, money, and anguish if you take the time to pack carefully in a way that helps prevent damage. Here are six simple tips to help you do just that.

Choose smaller boxes.

When you first start moving boxes, you can lift the heavy ones with little struggle. But once your arms are tired, lifting those big boxes becomes a struggle, and you're more likely to drop them. If you choose smaller boxes all around, you can pack heavy items like dishes and books in them without worrying so much about being able to lift them.

Fill in the empty spaces.

If you've put all of a certain type of item in a box and there's still empty space, make sure you fill that space in so the items don't jostle around. Stuff a few socks in there to fill out the space, or crumple up some newspaper or tissue paper.

Put heavier items on the bottom of the box.

Packing this way keeps your boxes more stable so they're less likely to topple over when you stack them. It also keeps heavier items from crushing lighter items placed beneath them. Also keep this concept in mind when stacking boxes. Put the ones that contain heavy items on the bottom and the lighter ones on top.

Wrap fabric and delicate items in non-dyed paper.

You can probably get away with using printed newspaper to wrap hard things like mugs and bowls. But more delicate items, like souvenir figurines and artwork, should really be wrapped in non-dyed paper so you don't risk having the ink bleed and transfer.

Make sure everything is dry.

If there are items you clean before putting them in boxes, always leave them out to dry for a few hours before packing. If you put them in the boxes while they are wet, mold growth may begin—and it does not take long for mold to take over a box of items.

Don't spray your items with air freshener or essential oils.

Sometimes, in an effort to keep things smelling nice, people will spray their items with air freshener or perfume before packing them. But the chemicals and oils in these products can lead to stains and discoloration, especially after items are packed up tightly with little air circulation.

With the tips above, your items stand a greater chance of surviving the move! For more information or assistance, contact companies like M Dyer & Sons Inc.


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