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How to Fit the Most in Your Self Storage Unit

Lillie Moreno

If you would like to make sure that you are able to fit as much as you can within the self storage unit that you are renting, you will need to make use of the following advice.

Use Space Saver Vacuum Sealed Bags

This is a great option for the storage of pillows, blankets, coats, clothing, and stuffed animals. You will place any of these that you need to store in to the vacuum sealed bags. Close them and then vacuum all of the air out of the items and the bag itself according to the instructions on the package. By doing this, you will be able to store a lot of items that would have normally taken up a lot of space. Once you have all of the bags vacuum sealed, you can take them on top of each other. They will stay like that until you remove them and open the bag, which would allow the items within the bag to fill with air again.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Instead of focusing on expanding your pile of belongings outwards, you will want to think about how you can make use of the vertical space. A great way to do this is to bring in a lot of tall shelving units. Since most storage unit companies will not allow you to attempt to secure anything to the walls of the units, you will need to use shelving systems that are strong and sturdy. For example, instead of a thin plastic shelving unit, you will want to opt for a thicker metal one. You will also need to be careful when placing things on the individual shelves. If you stack the heaviest items on the top shelf, you are increasing the chance it will topple over.

Store Things within Each Other

To drastically increase the amount of space you have when it comes to storing more items, you will want to carefully store some things within other items. For example, place some oddly shaped items that are hard to box up inside an oven, refrigerator, or microwave that you are storing. Those items then won't take up any additional space. They will also be well protected and less likely to be damaged while in storage.

Within no time at all, you should be able to find that you are able to store much more in your self storage unit.


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