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Storage Units: What Doesn't Store Well

Lillie Moreno

Storage units offer salvation to those who struggle to keep their possessions safe when they do not have enough room in their homes or apartments. They can offer you wonderful short-term storage. In addition, you can leave items in a unit for years as long as you keep your rent payments up to date. As great as these units are, some items are better stored elsewhere. Before you fill up your unit, consider what items really belong there.


If you have a wine collection and need to store it briefly, a storage unit is often not a good choice. Wine needs to be kept at a steady cool temperature; otherwise, it can lose its flavor. Popping it into a storage unit, even for a few days can ruin it completely. Maintaining your wine means properly storing it in temperatures between 55 and 57 degrees. If you can find a climate-controlled storage unit that can keep that temperature, then you can break this rule. 


Many articles have been written about people using their storage units as an office or even gym. Some people will attempt to live in their unit, although that is usually not legal and is never smart. The same thing goes for pets. Even if you visit your unit daily, a storage unit no place to stash a dog, cat, or even hamster. Keeping animals locked up in a dark and potentially intemperate place is abuse. Even if you are in a pinch, do not leave your animal in a storage unit. 


If you are a gun enthusiast, you are always looking for a safe place to store your gun collection. If you have small children at home, keeping guns offsite is a sensible choice. Unfortunately, a storage unit is frequently not the answer. Some states forbid the practice due to safety concerns. A regular unit would also wreak havoc on your guns' internal workings. However, state laws vary, so check with climate controlled storage companies in your town.

You can store just about anything else, including antique furniture if the unit is climate controlled. Books, clothes, bicycles, and any number of other possessions will be safe and well-preserved in your unit. You may want to keep your money and expensive jewelry in a safe or safe-deposit box, but storing most other things is fine. In fact, a storage unit can give you peace of mind when you can't keep your possessions at home with you.


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