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Transforming Your Self-Storage Unit Into A Multipurpose Photography Studio

Lillie Moreno

Self-storage units can be great for amateur photographers or professional photographers just getting started in the business. They can provide a space for you to practice your craft and bring your visions to life. Here are just a few ways you can use a self-storage unit as a photography studio.

Lightbox Station

Whether you take pictures of still images to create art or you do commercial photography for products, having a lightbox makes it easy to create high-quality images. To set up a light box station in your self storage unit, you'll want to have one long folding table with space underneath to store each of your lightboxes. Invest in clamps you can use to secure your lamps, and be sure to have a few strip surge protectors on-hand so you can plug in as many lights as you need. You may also want to add a storage bin with drawers to store additional light bulbs and any paper or cloth you might use to change the color of the light boxes.

Photo Shoot Space

Storage units can be great for doing photo shoots on a budget. You can one wall in the space to serve as the backdrop for your photos, and you can store your photo backdrops in the unit when you aren't taking photos. Keep an array of small area rugs in the space to provide a backdrop of sorts on the floor so you can change the look of your pictures. Add lighting to the space, and use the strip surge protectors you keep in your lightbox station to set up the lights for each shoot. Be sure to add a few different types of chairs to pose your subjects for seated portraits.

Photo Gallery

Your storage unit can also be used to showcase your work. Place a sturdy piece of plywood against one wall, and hang your framed pieces on the plywood to create your photo gallery. You may want to paint the plywood a neutral color to create a clean backdrop for your images. You can also talk to your storage facility to see if you can attach the plywood directly to the wall for a more finished look.

Your self-storage unit can be a great place to store your photography equipment or to practice your photo-taking skills. Use these ideas to create a space you can use for inspiration or to  provide a place to take your pictures away from home.


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