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Tips For Moving Your Home Office

Lillie Moreno

Packing the home office can be a bit more challenging than moving the other rooms in your home, since it is often home to computers and other sensitive technology. This is especially true if you work from home, since chances are you will need to put off the final packing of vital work equipment until the tail end of the moving process so you can continue to make money. The following tips can help you pack and move your home office safely and efficiently.

Tip #1: Invest in file boxes

If you have a lot of records or files to transport, don't expect them to do well in a plain moving box. Chances are they will become jumbled or damaged in transport. Instead, invest in some file boxes. These sturdy boxes are sized specifically for file folders. They also come with included metal rails for hanging files, or you can pop out the rails for standard paperwork. The best part about the boxes, beyond their durability, is they are sized just right so they aren't overly weighed down by heavy files.

Tip #2: Back up your files

Chances are that many of your most important files are actually on your computer. If you don't already belong to a cloud service, before a move is the time to consider investing in cloud storage. Not only will this ensure that everything on your computer is properly backed up, it also allows you to access important work files even when you can get to your main computer. For the self employed during a move, this means you may be able to maintain basic operations on a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone while the computer is in transit.

Tip #3: Manage your tech

Before disassembling your computer, printer, or other office electronics, take a photograph of the back of the each device so you can see how everything is connected. You may even want to use photo editing software to write notes on the photos, identifying the cords. Then, wrap each cord up and place it in a small ziptop bag. For devices with multiple cords, such as a desktop computer, place all of the cords into a larger bag. Finally, label the bags with the device or purpose of the cord, then store them either in a box with the device or a single box that holds all the cords and small peripherals, such as the mouse.

While moving a home office can be stressful, taking the time to pack carefully can help. Contact a local moving company for more help in managing the move.



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